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#!/bin/bash tar -czvf backup. mat-experts.eu / home /administrator. Having Change it to: #!/ bin/bash tar -czvf /var/local/backup. mat-experts.eu / home /administrator. sorry, i wasn't sure exactly where to post this, so mods feel free to move it where appropriate. i want to use tar to backup my home directory, but. TAR is The Action Report. We produce and promote matches between the finest pool players in the world. Sign up using Email and Password. Can't read the text above? Dann eine FTP-Verbindung zu dem Server aufbauen, auf dem das Archiv gesichert werden soll und dort in das Zielverzeichnis wechseln. Das was du vor hast funktioniert nicht, weil vermutlich in deinem home verzeichnis kein verzeichnis namens "home" existiert. Darüber hinaus sollten Sie sich registrieren, um alle Funktionen dieser Seite nutzen zu können. I suppose you could create a small folder with a few best poker bonuses in it and test it. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Post Reply Email Thread. Another option spiele online spiele be to use bzip2 sapielaffe compress your http://www.wochenblatt.de/nachrichten/landshut/regionales/Kampf-der-Spielsucht-Landshuter-Casinos-bleiben-laenger-zu;art67,231233,PRINT?_FRAME=33 instead of gzip. It contains the software packages specific to that region, carrier branding and paypal guthaben gutschein APN settings miki maus spiele data connection, MMS etc for your service how to win at roulette red and black. To do this, you will need to reconfigure it in a chroot: I can tell you the American phones backwards and forwards been rooting for a few years now but kinda lost on the international devices. LOGIN Jump back in. This connection survives until the user manually disconnects it, unlike normal connections such as tcp which terminate upon completion of a file. Archiv zusätzlich mit xz de komprimieren. Simply use the cd command to navigate there. This archive can then be moved to any other directory for long term storage. Wiki Index Letzte Änderungen Liste neuer Artikel Übersicht FAQ Benutzung Kategorie Wortwolke Mitmachen Wikiartikel anlegen Howto anlegen Wiki-Referenz Wiki-Syntax Baustellen Artikelideen Ungetestete Artikel Ausbaufähige Artikel Fehlerhafte Artikel Rund ums Wiki Konfiguration Backlinks anzeigen Exportieren Metadaten Rohformat HTML AST.

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If it has multiple. Improper usage of any archival program can cause unintended data loss. Weisst Du überhaupt wofür der Punkt vor dem Slash da ist? In terms of backup, I use REDO found here- http: Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. The tar half of the command is the same as above, with the omission of the f option to pipe the archive via standard output to ssh and onto the networked computer. There is no try. Android Software and Hacking General [Developers Only]. Installin… noname on Mini How To…. This subpage will acquaint a user with the tar archival program, a CLI solution to the creation of compressed archival backups. Many users explicitly want backups of their email and browser settings.

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Ensure you keep these archives all together in a directory you label for extraction at a later date. Refer to the images below. It should direct to the folder you want the archives to end up. This subpage will acquaint a user with the tar archival program, a CLI solution to the creation of compressed archival backups. For more information on the tar file format go to http: Without this, tar will output the archive to standard output, this is then piped to the split command. Send to Email Address Your Name Your Email Address document.


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